Home Sweet Home

The move to wordpress is now completed… All the relevant content that was in blogspot, is now here for your enjoyment. The importing was smooth, but I had to do a lot of reformatting by hand, and with python’s sensitivity to whitespace errors, I can’t guarantee that I haven’t messed anything up. If you find anything broken, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Once I got started, I got a little carried away, and have done some more housekeeping:

  • There now is a Coming Soon page on the top menu.
  • There is also a Post Index there, which should provide a convenient way to access the content.

And the big news is that I have set up a Mercurial repository at bitbucket, here’s the link. This should provide two very convenient features for the future:

  • No longer will anyone wanting to try out some of the code I post have to cut and paste from several older posts to get the functions running, as any dependencies will now be handled through a few modules stored in the repository.
  • For future blog entries, rather than cutting and pasting from the posted code, a single file containing all the code will also be available at bitbucket.

Lastly, I am starting to consider moving on to python 3.0 a wise choice. If there are any regular readers out there with an opinion on this, your comments are more than welcome.


2 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Steve says:

    I agree that using Python 3 would be a good idea. In a years time many more people will be using Python 3.x and all the blog articles written in Python 2.x will look outdated and obsolete. But Python 3.x articles will still be relevant and all the Python code will still be usable.

    Since the blog articles do not use third party libraries the move to Python 3.x should be quite easy.

    • Jaime says:

      I asked about this to the wise people at the python list, and was told to wait a little longer, until 3.1 is released, which should be during the summer, as the release candidate is out since a few days already. There seems to be quite a few rough edges, and plenty of optimizations, that will see their way into this one.

      But since my most loyal commenter agree, I’d say we have a decision here…

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