Coming Soon…

This page is a place holder for things that I would like to see find their way into the blog. It is also the right place to leave comments proposing new topics, or asking for something in the pipeline to be pushed forward…

Number Theory

  • Binary exponentiation DONE!!!
  • Fast computation of large Fibonacci numbers
  • Primality testing
  • Some factorization algorithm not included in the Factorization in the Dark Ages chapter of Cohen‘s book
  • The Chinese Remainder Theorem
  • In-place matrix transposition

Digital Signal Processing

  • Cooley-Tukey’s algorithm for general factorizations DONE!!!
  • Prime factor FFT algorithm
  • At least one of the FFT algorithms for prime sizes of the input
  • A pure python MP3 decoder
  • A pure python JPEG decoder

Computational Geometry

  • Convex hull
  • Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations

Graph Theory

  • Shortest path
  • Maximum flow

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