Back from the Dead

September 9, 2010

The previous post in this blog is more than nine months old, and before that it already had been inactive for six more. There have been good reasons for that long silence. Chiefly, the birth of Gabriela, our second child, in November 2009.

Well, all that is about to change!

Business as usual will resume shortly with a post on Fibonacci numbers, and there’s also stuff in the making regarding the Chinese remainder theorem as a preliminary to the prime-factor FFT algorithm. The general plan from over a year ago sort of still holds. And I’m sticking with Python 2.x, at least for the time being.

But I have more ambitious plans, and have to decide if this blog will be part of them…

Over the past months I have spent quite a bit of time looking into several physics problems. Things like the speed at which a liquid evaporates, the rolling resistance of a deformable wheel or the stability of a bicycle. Yes, my wife agrees: I have weird ways of enjoying my free time… So that my newly acquired knowledge will not be lost like tears in the rain, I have the firm intention of writing about all that stuff. Not that any of those subjects would in anyway fit within this blog as it is, so I have registered another one just in case.

Also, after 10 years in the same company, and 5 years doing the same job, I am starting to feel an itching urge to give my career a good shake. As a Spanish saying goes, “el hombre propone y Dios dispone,” (man proposes and then God decides) but the firm intention is to leave Spain and find a challenging, enjoyable, better paying job abroad within the next couple of years. If you happen to want to hire an experienced R&D engineer with an EU passport, do contact me.

Not that I expect my inbox to be flooded by this announcement, so I will also be working on honing some skills to better sell myself in the free market, and will definitely want to leave written testimony of my exploits. Some statistics and data analysis posts could see the light here, but I don’t really see relational databases or web programming fitting in this blog. I could of course open yet another one devoted to more generic programming topics, but at some point I’ll have to decide if it isn’t better to have a single one with more varied content.

Anyway, if there’s anyone out there still listening: welcome back, make yourselves comfortable, and enjoy the ride!